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At High Close School we aim to give pupils every opportunity to succeed and therefore offer several exam subjects and vocational courses. The number and variety of qualifications offered have grown over the years. Courses are provided at different levels so pupils can gain useful qualifications bespoke to each learner.

We offer pupils across the key stages the chance to learn through a range of educational trips and visits as well as different experiences within the school. We are confident these events enrich the pupil’s time with us at school.

Pupils leave with an average of seven qualifications which allow them to attend further education courses at College and apprenticeships in a work place.

List of subjects at Key Stage 4

Point Scores

Every qualification is awarded certain number of points. These points are then used by colleges and universities when considering applications. The government has recently changed how these points are awarded for various qualifications.  The changes mean that some courses we offer no longer hold the points weighting they did. This is particularly so for the vocational courses and does therefore affect us in the school performance tables.  At High Close School we believe all the qualifications we provide are still essential to our young people in terms of their academic and social development. These courses, particularly ASDAN, are held in high regard by colleges as they develop key skills and independent working therefore we will continue to offer them.