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Key Stage 2 - Primary Provision

High Close established its Primary provision in March 2011 in response to a rising demand for a full Key Stage 2 provision for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. There are three classes in our Primary with no class having more than 6 pupils.  It is very well staffed with a teacher and two Learning Support Assistants in every class. Pupils in this part of the school are taught a creative curriculum and carry out learning tasks throughout the day. The reward system is similar to that in the secondary school, pupils earn Lego bricks for completing their specified and differentiated learning tasks. If pupils earn themselves 12 Lego bricks during their lesson time, they have ‘golden time’ in the afternoons where they can choose an activity they would like to do as a reward.

At Key Stage 2 we follow the full National Curriculum and each pupil works through a literacy and numeracy programme.  Handwriting skills are also a focus.  Learning becomes genuinely interesting and enjoyable for all our pupils.  We seek guidance from our speech therapist and occupational therapist to continue to develop a more therapeutic, sensory approach to support the changing needs of the children.

Lily, our learning dog, helps pupils with their reading skills throughout the school and especially in Primary where Lily is based with her owner.

All pupils partake in PE lessons on site and swimming lessons at a local pool.

We aim to make pupils' transition from Year 6 to 7 as smooth as possible. Towards the end of Year 6 pupils spend their last few weeks within main school to help them get used to the larger environment. Initially they continue with their Year 6 work supported by their own staff. This then progresses and pupils are taught taster Year 7 lessons by the secondary school teachers. The Year 6 pupils are also supported during social times by older pupils who act as mentors.

Letters to Parents/Carers - 2017/18

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