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Teaching and Learning

Taking their starting points, pupils make exceptional progress in all areas including education attendance and achievement. Ofsted January 2017

Every Young Person who arrives at High Close has experienced difficulties, but whatever the reasons, we offer a fresh start in a supportive, stimulating environment with high expectations of achievement.

Learning at High Close School, in lessons and in the units, is stimulating and purposeful.  We teach a full range of National Curriculum subjects at a level tailored to the individual pupil. Our teachers use a range of methods and resources to engage reluctant learners.

National Curriculum

At High Close School we follow the National Curriculum. This is taught to pupils at a level suitable to their ability and lessons are planned to enable them to develop and improve their skills and knowledge. All work is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual pupil.

The curriculum offered is flexible and is moderated to suit the needs of the current student cohort.  Courses offered are tailored to the individual needs,  each young person leaves school with a selection of qualifications that allow them to access further education and future careers.


Classes are kept small, with a maximum of six pupils in each. There is a teacher and a Learning Support Assistant for every class.  Extra support can be provided by the pastoral day team and residential staff.  If it is deemed appropriate for a young person, they can be given a bespoke timetable and/or one to one support.  There is also access to a range of specialist support, including a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist and a consultant educational psychologist.

Achievements and Attainment

Individual Education Plans set challenging objectives and daily targets to encourage pupils to give their best. These are linked to our school Reward System.

High Close prides itself on the achievement of its pupils. When they leave at the end of Year 11 pupils have all made great progress in terms of their social skills and have grown in confidence. They work hard to give themselves the best possible start for the world of college and work.  The attainment of each student is tracked so that effort and hard work can be celebrated.  Students with a growth mindset, who believe they can improve, often make accelerated progress academically and close the attainment gap.