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Due to effective teaching and support, pupils leave school ready for their next steps. Ofsted 2017.

Every young person who arrives at High Close has experienced difficulties, but whatever the reason, there is a fresh start in a supportive, stimulating environment with high expectations of achievement. We work hard to ensure our teaching and learning results in the best outcome for each pupil. We believe both academic and social learning can help raise self-esteem and provide young people with the skills to achieve their goals.

Parents are given regular updates about their child's progress through twice yearly reports, annual reviews and Parent Consultation Evenings. They are able to contribute to the education of their child and support their learning and progress.

All subjects are taught by fully qualified teachers who receive their own continual professional development training to stay up-to-date with knowledge of different conditions and thus meeting the needs of the pupils plus any changes to course specifications and best practice in the classroom.

Academic progress is monitored accross all Key Stages. This means that individual strategies can be put in place where difficulties in a subject can be identified and exceptional achievement can be celebrated as a school.

Classwork across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 offers a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to engage students and aims to make education a positive experience. We work hard to be creative in our approach to meet the needs of each pupil.

Our aim is that pupils will be prepared, by Year 11, to work through their academic courses and achieve qualifications which will enable students to attend college courses, training and employment when they leave.