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Keeping Safe

Safeguarding is our highest priority at High Close School. Staff receive regular training in how to keep young people safe and we have a Designated Safeguarding Team who triage all reports and ensure all safeguarding concerns are addressed promptly and correctly.

High Close is in the process of updating their policy and procedure on addressing bullying and the new policy will be available on the website when it has been approved. High Close works with young people to help them learn appropriate ways of interacting with each other and to help young people recognise how bullying impacts on others. Staff manage incidents of bullying in a proactive way supporting all young people involved to ensure a successful resolution.

Staff have received training in Prevent strategy (radicalisation awareness) Keeping Children Safe in Education, FGM, substance misuse and on various other safeguarding issues that may affect young people who attend High Close. We ensure that all policy and procedure surrounding Safeguarding and Child Protection is up to date and have links with Wokingham LADO and the local Secondary Safeguarding Leads board to keep up to date with local guidelines and government legislation.

U Can Cope

The U Can Cope handout is useful for all children and young people, especially those with recurring thoughts that can spiral into depression or self-harm. It is a useful resource for parents and staff as well. If we are able to work with the young people to help normalise what they are experiencing we are then in a position to help them work through their distress. Young people are encouraged to access these numbers and contact the helplines. Hopefully this will give them the reassurance that the person at the other end of the line can help them cope with their level of distress.

Coping with Self-Harm: A Guide for Parents and Carers

This is a practical guide for Parents and Carers looking at how to support your young person and find alternatives to self-harm. Parents and Carers can read about how they can manage self-harm in a caring and non-threatening manner. At the back there is a page with helpline contact numbers if more help or support is needed.