Hear 4 U

"Advocacy helps you have your voice heard when people are making decisions about U"

Hear 4 U is designed around a child centred athose where participative practice is at the heart of our work. The service is directed by the rights of children and young people with specific focus on article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC):

  1. Our advocates help children and young people have their views heard by decision makers using their own words and experiences
  2. Children and young people are given time and space to express their views and to explore different options
  3. We support children and young people to develop their own confidence so they can speak up for themselves
  4. We work to change how meetings are structured to ensure they become more child centrered

We continue to provide advocacy for a child or young person until:

  • They decide they no longer require the support of an advocate
  • They are no longer involved in the child protection or children's hearing system
  • The issues they needed advocacy for have been resolved