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What we do

Barnardo’s Hamara Family project provides:

Sitting service

This service provides a sitter who has been checked for their suitability, trained and employed by the project. Sitters provide a flexible service to families which is designed to meet the families needs. This service is free to parents and carers though you may be expected to meet any extra costs incurred.

Short break service

Carers are recruited and selected to provide short break care for children in the carers home. This service is free to parents and carers.

Holiday playscheme

Holiday playschemes are provided for disabled children between four and 12 years old who are unable to access the HIPHOP scheme. There is a daily charge for each child and parents are asked to provide a packed lunch.

Hip hop scheme

Children aged between five and 14 years old are supported in mainstream after-school clubs, play schemes and leisure activities. Parents pay the fees for these facilities and Barnardo’s Hamara Family project provides a worker to support the children, where necessary.

Leisure groups

This service is for disabled young people of secondary school age who would like to be included in outings and activities during school holidays, evenings and weekends. There is a charge towards the cost of the outings.

Early bird programme

This is an early intervention programme for parents of children newly diagnosed with autism, aiming to develop an understanding of autism and strategies for coping. This service is free to parents and carers.


This service provides regular play sessions in the child’s own home for children with life threatening and life limiting conditions.

Social work support

Families who are using services provided by the Project can access social work support.

Support groups

We offer a range of support groups for families, which vary from time to time.


This group provides independent leisure activities for siblings aged five to 13 years old of disabled children. There is a charge towards the cost of the outings.

Family resource worker service

Families living in Sure Start St. James and Sure Start Higham Hill who have a disabled child can access key worker support from the time of diagnosis.

Independant parental support

This provides independent parent partnership advice and support for parents whose children are being assessed under the special educational needs code of practice.

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