Who to contact

Find out more about current volunteering opportunities

Use the contact details below if you have an enquiry about volunteering with our:

England Greater London

Marina Paraskevaidi - Adviser
Email: london-volunteeringenquiries@barnardos.org.uk

South East & Anglia

Kim Hamber –  Adviser
Email: SEAVolunteering@barnardos.org.uk

South West & Midlands

Caroline Dukulay – Adviser
Email: MSW-Volunteering@barnardos.org.uk

North East

Jo Hunt –  Adviser
Email: NE-Volunteering@barnardos.org.uk

North West

Diane Pryde -  Adviser
Email: NW-volunteering@barnardos.org.uk

Northern Ireland

Helen Connolly/Michelle Penney – Advisers
Email: NI-volunteering@barnardos.org.uk


Alison McLaughlin - Adviser
Email: scotland-volunteering@barnardos.org.uk


Jenna Dowell/Julie Goodrum - Advisers
Email: Cymru-Volunteering@barnardos.org.uk


Community Fundraising Support Team
Email: community.fundraising@barnardos.org.uk
Tel: 0800 008 7005


Retail Volunteering Team
Email: retail-volunteering@barnardos.org.uk

Corporate Partnerships

Email: corporatepartnershipenquiries@barnardos.org.uk
Tel: 0208 498 7326

If you are unable to reach your local contact or you need further help, please contact  UK Volunteering
Email: volunteering@barnardos.org.uk
Tel: 0208 498 7320

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