Barnardo’s Societies Barnardo's students

Wanting to make new friends, learn new skills or just do something different with your day are all perfectly good reasons to join a society. So why would you want to join or even set up a Barnardo's society? For all the above reasons obviously and a few more! How about the chance to develop your people skills, show evidence of time management and demonstrate you are able to build and maintain relationships?

We know what it’s like to adapt to life after university and face the sometimes long and winding road to employment. But we also know the sort of things employers are looking for. So let us help you get ready to begin your journey and reach your destination in no time at all. By setting up or being part of a society you will tick the boxes that are crucial to recruiters.

And what’s more by organising fundraising events as part of the Barnardo's society and getting involved in our campaigning work, you will be helping us raise vital funds and awareness in our efforts to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged and underprivileged children in the UK

Graduate recruiters today are looking for more than just a good degree.

Having the right kind of volunteering experience, such as holding a key role in a society at university, shows employers that you have the drive and skills needed to get ahead. Donna Miller, Human Resources Director, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Sound good?

Then let us help you get started; we’ve put in the hard yards to make the set up process as simple as possible, smoothly guiding you through the initial steps, from filling in start-up forms, to providing ideas for your first meeting and beyond with fundraising and campaigning events. Now you just need to get a shift on to make your society the best it can be.

The work you put in will be all the more rewarding when you see how your society can make a difference to the lives of children in trouble. Not only that, we can help you bump up your CV and provide you with a written reference that will make your name jump out at prospective employers.

Email the Barnardo's Society Fundraising team for more information.