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Barnardo’s employee support groups

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As an organisation Barnardo’s actively encourages its employees to become involved in the groups and forums which exist throughout Barnardo’s. Some of these are national or local or both. They are open to any employee who feels they identify with these groups and wish to access support.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender forum (LGBT)

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Barnardo’s has it’s own National LGBT Forum, as well as local forums organised in every nation/region. These forums meet on a regular basis.

The National Forum holds a bi-annual conference that meets to draw on the LGBT talent nationally in Barnardo’s. At every conference, we have workshops and guest speakers in to update, create debate and inform LGBT workers, volunteers and students. We provide policy advice and guidance from these conferences to all levels of management – and we have some serious fun as well! It provides a focus and an opportunity for all LGBT workers, students and volunteers nationally to meet and discuss issues for the improvement of services for children, young people and their families and working situations of staff.

If you identify as LGBT you would be very welcome to join and help shape the future of Barnardo’s.

See our statement on LGBT equality (PDF).

Disabled staff forum

The group aims to:

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  • be a support group for disabled staff, within a safe and confidential forum
  • provide an opportunity for disabled staff to offer feedback to Barnardo’s on policies and practice relating to Children’s Services
  • provide an opportunity for disabled staff to offer feedback to Barnardo’s on issues of concern to disabled staff.

The forum is open to anyone who identifies themselves as a ‘disabled’ person and they would be delighted to hear from you.

See our statement on Disability equality (PDF).

Black workers forum

Barnardo’s has a National Corporate Group for Black staff (NCGBS) which is made up of representatives from local forums in regions and nations.

The main aim of the group is to develop an overview of the issues affecting Black staff and communities nationally, partly by organising a national bi-annual conference. These are used to inform and influence Barnardo’s decision making process on strategy, policy and practice from Black perspectives.

The Chair of the NCGBS is a member of Barnardo’s Corporate Equality Board and contributes to the organisational policy on equality and diversity. The NCGBS meets annually with the Chief Executive to discuss key issues impacting on Black staff, volunteers, children, young people and their families.

Each region/nation has a forum which is open to all Black staff, including volunteers and students and aims to:

  • enable members to contribute and influence the development of policy and practice from Black perspectives for the benefit of the business
  • provide a safe environment for members to share personal and professional issues and seek advice
  • provide mutual support
  • provide networking and support opportunities to reduce isolation
  • provide a focus for the exchange of skills, knowledge, experience, ideas, practice and resources
  • develop links and network with other members locally and nationally.

See our statement on Race equality (PDF).