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Tender opportunity – approved Adoption training providers

The One Adoption Service for the Yorkshire and Humber Region comes into being in April 2017. From that point or shortly after, the Local Authority adoption services will form 3 Regional Adoption Agencies (RAAs) and Voluntary Adoption Agencies will also become increasingly integrated into this structure. A key feature of the service going forward will be to build the partnership between providers and users, who in this context will be adopters. To support this aim, we intend to provide a programme of training which reflects and values adopters as partners in meeting the needs of the children for who we have a shared responsibility.

We intend to begin commissioning a new round of training for 2017-18. For this year we are planning to commission a relatively limited program and to review longer term training needs over this time.

We therefore wish to engage a number of suitably experienced and qualified trainers to deliver this year’s training program. Once awarded, specific dates and locations for delivery will be agreed with both trainers and individual local authorities via One Adoption Y&H.


There are 4 areas of focus identified by Adopters and /or RAAs which support adopters to be well informed and confident in meeting the needs of children who will be placed with them. These have been divided into four lots:

  1. Early Permanence Placements
  2. Preparation for Experienced/Second-time Adopters
  3. Preparation for Foster Carers wishing to adopt
  4. Adopting Siblings and Older Children

We are interested in submissions from trainers who are able to provide 1 day courses on any or all of the above areas, at times throughout the year to be agreed once awarded. We will be conducting a two stage process. Stage one will be an expression of interest (EOI) by email to:

An EOI can be made at any point

up 3 days before the closing date. Once an EOI has been received documents for the application stage will be released.

Deadline for receipt of tenders - Noon 17.3.17