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The Children’s Services department

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Our Children's Services range through all the vital ingredients for healthy development - family support, keeping children safe, physical and emotional health, opportunities to learn, community development and a range of youth services such as work with youth homelessness ensuring young people have a say in their own lives.

Barnardo's has a wide range of services to children in the UK, many of which are innovative and creative. Would you like to be part of this?

Working and training

Barnardo's takes training seriously. We will offer you many opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge. And working with children, young people and families, this will include a variety of courses relevant to your practice.

We offer good promotional prospects and opportunities to move between services.

We are always looking for committed people wanting to work with children, young people and families, and offer positions right across the UK. All posts are advertised in the national or local press, in the specialist and minority community press, and job centres.

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Could you join us - Do you have what it takes?

Only you can answer this question. While each role requires different skills, qualifications or experience, there are personal qualities that apply across all our work whether you are a service manager, a practitioner, clerical, finance, administrative or support staff.

You will need excellent verbal and/or written communication skills and a genuine interest in helping people. You will need to be able to build and maintain good working relationships with colleagues and service users of all ages and backgrounds. And you will need to be able to stay calm and objective in the face of charged and stressful situations.

While extremely rewarding, the work can be physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, so your personal resources should include resilience and patience. Quick thinking, a practical frame of mind, the ability to grasp and interpret complex procedures will also be of tremendous help, together with an empathetic approach to working with people who may be experiencing some form of disadvantage.

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Our teams:

Job Areas in Children's Services:

First Line Manager Posts (Service Leader and Scheme Coordinators)

First line managers need to have a broad range of professional and personal skills to run, manage, organise and take charge of a service and, to motivate and encourage their team.

As a manager you could be responsible for a team of anything between 4 and 50 people. You'll have to be a good communicator on many levels and need the organisational skills to manage a complex workload, which would include writing reports, developing and reviewing policies and standards, budgeting and managing your service's finances. You will be responsible for team building, allocating tasks and responsibilities, monitoring and supporting team members to meet required standards.

To become a Children's Services Manager you will need a relevant qualification; generally, five years' post-qualification experience; and adequate management experience - but this depends on the size and nature of the service.

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Depending on the nature of the service, there will be a range of practitioner posts - both qualified and unqualified. The work may involve capacity building on deprived estates, day care, play, social work interventions, teaching, parenting education, homelessness work or youth justice.

You would need a qualification relevant to the job in a range of social work, health, education or community development fields, or, for some posts, relevant experience.

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Administrative Staff

The Administrative staff play a vital role in the smooth day-to-day running of Nation/Region offices and in each local service.

Administrators could be responsible for numerous individual jobs which include monitoring budgets, maintaining petty cash and dealing with invoices to word processing, writing letters, using databases, reception and telephone work. As an administrator you may also be responsible for taking minutes at case conferences and dealing with clients' personal information.

To become an administrator you will need an RSA II typing qualification plus knowledge of software packages, numeracy skills and the ability to juggle several competing demands at once.

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Manual Staff

A range of opportunities are available, including catering, domestic and property maintenance posts.

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Voluntary/non qualified routes into childcare

There are limited opportunities to take up unqualified posts within Barnardo's childcare division, but you will need to have some relevant experience. A few services have voluntary/unqualified workers e.g. running youth clubs, bail and remand support work, child sitting for parents of children with disablities. If you are interested in childcare in general, midwifery, nursing and youth and community work qualifications offer routes into this field.

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