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The Communications department

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Our Communications department is responsible for much of the communication the general public receives about Barnardo's. This communication may come through our media office's work with the national, regional and local press, our national advertising campaigns or through the Barnardo's website.

Could you join us?

Do you have the marketing skills to help us promote Barnardo's as a modern, deserving charity?

Or do you have the communication skills to help us manage the media in a crisis?

Do you have the copywriting skills to write a press release or an article for an internal magazine, to motivate almost 7,000 Barnardo's staff?

Or do you have the design skills to help us to continue to produce award-winning publications?

If you have any of these skills and more then you could join us and become part of Barnardo's exciting, cutting edge Communications department.

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Our teams

The Communications department is made up of several teams - Brand and Communication Services, the Media Office, Publications/Events and Creative Services. Between them these diverse teams are responsible for:

  • Brand management
  • Corporate identity
  • National advertising
  • Digital Communications
  • Market research
  • Coverage of Barnardo's activities in the press and broadcast media
  • Internal communications
  • Campaign planning
  • Publications and events to promote their launch
  • Design and production of a wide range of materials
  • Barnardo's archive

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Brand and Communication Services

The Brand team's main priority is to promote Barnardo's as a 'modern, deserving charity' which works with more than 200,000 disadvantaged, neglected, excluded and abused children through our 800 projects. The team spans five core areas:

  1. Advertising
  2. Publishing
  3. Internal communications
  4. Creative services
  5. Digital Communications

The Advertising and brand team define and develop Barnardo’s corporate identity. Working internally, the team liaises with other departments to ensure consistent use of the brand. Through activities such as national advertising campaigns, the team raises public awareness of Barnardo’s identity, as well as highlighting issues faced by the children and young people we work with. The team strives to ensure that Barnardo’s is seen as a 'modern, deserving charity' which works with more than 120,000 disadvantaged children. Working with external agencies, the team have produced cutting edge advertising campaigns, several of which have been award winning.

The Publishing and Internal Communications team is responsible for editing and producing a variety of Barnardo’s publications. These range from the supporter magazine Barnardo’s Today, the staff magazine Connect and the Annual Review to promotional materials and reports commissioned through the Policy, Planning and Research Unit. We are also responsible for providing core copy and proofreading for use across the organisation. To see a catalogue of our childcare publications, please go to our online publications shop.

The Publishing and Internal Communications team is also responsible for the delivery of the internal communications strategy to nearly 7,000 staff across the UK. We provide advice on effective and appropriate internal communications mechanisms through both electronic media and print. The team works closely with the Chief Executive’s office and helps build a culture where two-way internal communication is seen as fundamental to the success of Barnardo’s. Barnardo’s conferences and events are also run by the team, as is the intranet.

The Creative services studio produces and manages all design, print and production within Barnardo's from fundraising posters to marketing materials outlining the work Barnardo’s does with children and young people. It handles between 100 and 150 separate jobs at any one time.

The Barnardo's Modern and Archive picture library is also managed within this team. The library has an extensive collection of current videos and pictures of children we work with and also photographs dating back to the first children looked after by Dr. Barnardo himself.

The Digital Communications team is responsible for creating and managing Barnardo’s award winning website and works on all forms of Digital Communications marketing including search engine optimisation and external advertising.

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The media office

The Media Office is run as two teams. One works with all the UK national media and provides a public information function. The other handles media relations in the devolved nations and regions through Media and Communication Managers. They also promote the activities of fundraising and retail shops in their areas.

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Barnardo's values diversity and is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all.