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Our fundraising costs

If you have any queries about donating to Barnardo’s then please email us at or ring 0800 008 7005.

1. How much of my donation goes directly to the cause?  

2. Why do you spend so much money on sending out letters asking for donations?

3. Why do you waste money sending me pens and other gifts?

4. Executive pay disclosure

1. How much of my donation goes directly to the cause?

Out of every £1 we spend, 92p goes on our work, 3p on governance and pension costs and 5p on raising the next £1.

A detailed outline of expenditure can be found in our annual report and accounts 2014.

Summary of income and expenditure for the year ended 31 December 2014:

Income + Expenditure

2. Why do you spend so much money on sending out letters asking for donations?

This is known as direct mail and is the cheapest way for charities to request donations from large numbers of supporters. It is cost effective and people do respond to it, in the past year this raised over £1m for Barnardo's.

Even if they don't raise money from everyone, mailings still raise awareness. Not everyone will be interested in contributing, but some will want to learn more about our work.

If you are receiving too many mailings and would like to receive fewer each year- or none at all, please let us know by contacting our Supporter Care Team on 0800 008 7005  or emailing us

If you would like to be kept informed about our work by email instead, please sign up to our monthly enewsletter. Please also remember to email us at so that we know not to send you any more communications by post.

3. Why do you send me pens and other gifts?

We always consider the cost of a gift carefully. We aim to include gifts that are relevant to Barnardo’s such as calendars of children's artwork or things we think supporters may be interested in receiving such as our retail Christmas cards.

We hope our supporters will share them with friends and family to help raise awareness of Barnardo’s. The amount of additional donations raised far outweighs the cost of the gift.

4. Executive pay disclosure

The highest paid employee at Barnardo's is the Chief Executive who earns £165,000. The five members of the Corporate Management Team who report to the Chief Executive each earn between £84,000 and £120,000.

The ratio of the highest paid to lowest paid full time member of staff is 12:1.

Charities are complex organisations with the same need for professionalism and effective management structures as any other organisation in the private or public sector. In order to attract the right calibre of people, it is necessary to pay senior staff at a level commensurate with their responsibilities.

However, as we are a charity, our executives are paid less than someone in the private sector with a comparable level of responsibility. We publish information about our directors' salaries in our annual report and accounts which can be viewed in our Annual Report and Accounts.

How we will spend your donation

Please be assured that whatever you give will go a long way - even a few pounds is enough to transform the life of a vulnerable child.

£5 could pay for phone credit so a child can call home – abusers control their victims by keeping them apart from their families.

£18 could pay for bedding and towels for a young victim in emergency accommodation.

£25 could help pay for a young carer to go horse riding for a day. Being a young carer often means a child’s learning needs and desires are not met. You could help a child pursue a dream and learn a new skill such as horse riding, helping them gain confidence and giving them a chance to explore their talents and interest areas.

£50 could pay for a child support specialist to work one on one with a victim of sexual abuse, helping them overcome the terrible abuse they have suffered and to take the first steps towards an ordinary life again.

£100 could help pay for a life-changing two-day break to the seaside for a young carer. A longer break leaves more time for a Barnardo’s Worker to support a child. They’ll have time to play, but also time to develop longer-term tools to cope when they go home. This break could be the turning point in a vulnerable child’s life, helping them to reclaim their childhood.

A gift from you could give hope to thousands of vulnerable children across the UK.

Any questions? You may find the answer in one of the related links section at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 008 7005 or email your query to