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Fundraising days

Fundraising Ideas for Secondary Schools

Here are some great fundraising ideas to get you started – what do you think your friends or pupils would like to do to help other children?

Girls wearing hats to fundraise for Barnardo's

Fashion show

One for the fashionistas. Do your little turn on the catwalk and show off your style to an adoring public (aka your friends). You can ask local shops to donate clothes, charge for entry and sell the clothes too.

Have a themed party

See yourself as a 60s scenester? A smoothie from the 70s? Or perhaps you want to get the hairspray out and recreate the 80s, or bring back Britpop with the 90s. You’ll have a great laugh – especially if you add a best and worst dressed competition into the mix!

Do you have the X Factor?

Take over the mic and belt out a ballad that will have Louis Walsh reaching for the tissues. The best singer could get a prize and their 15 minutes of fame.

Battle of the bands

Get the Glastonbury vibe at school without sacrificing your personal hygiene. Charge people for tickets and have a vote for the best music.

Silent disco

Think R and B is rubbish? Feel rock music is less headbanging and more banging your head against a wall? Have a silent disco where everyone chooses their own tunes and plays them on their MP3 player or mobile phone.

Non uniform day

Come on, who wouldn’t want to pay to ditch the school uniform for a day? You could also go for a theme – do you dare suggest a bad taste clothes day? Or why not ask everyone to 'Go Green'? It's our signature colour!


Do you have a knowledge of music, TV or films that flabbergasts your mates? Why not set up a quiz and charge teams to enter

Sponsored something!

Get sponsored for sports or something silly – eat 20 doughnuts, jump into a bath of baked beans or walk around in wellies crammed with jelly all day. Be inspired by TV – run your own version of Big Brother (we’d avoid remaking I’m A Celebrity unless you like eating maggots).

Virtual fundraising

No, we don’t mean playing computer games, we mean doing a team challenge that represents something else. So climb the stairs enough times to climb Mount Everest or swim the equivalent of the English Channel. Make sure it’s a team effort unless you want to tire yourself out!

We have materials to help you with your fundraising, including posters and sponsorship forms! For more details, or to find out how to pay in the money you raise, email us or call 020 8498 7076.