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Business incentive scheme

Business Incentive Scheme

Looking for the next Sir Alan Sugar or Sir Richard Branson among your students? Want to put their business studies theories into practice, all while fundraising and transforming children’s lives?

Barnardo's have developed a real life business scheme to help your students find out whether they have got what it takes.

The Business Incentive Scheme will provide students with a unique opportunity to experience running a business enterprise and will help other young people at the same time. It will help them put their learning into practice and achieve key skills.

How does it work?

Barnardo's provides £120 start-up capital for each school accepted into the scheme. It is then up to each team or 'company' to put their business idea into practice with the objective of making £500 net profit. At the end of the scheme the start up capital is returned to Barnardo's and if the profits exceed £500, 25% of the net profit will be returned to your department and 75% goes to help Barnardo's work with children.

One school that has put it to good use is Hinchley Wood Sixth Form in Surrey. They decided that there’s no business like show business. The team swiftly raised £2,650 for Barnardo's vital work, and their Christmas pantomime has become part of the school calendar.

So, here is your chance to let your students gain some practical experience of real life business and raise some money for children across the UK at the same time.

Get Started

If you are interested in running the Business Incentive Scheme at your school then please email our Education Fundraising Team or call 020 8498 7033.  A member of our fundraising team will be delighted to hear from you.