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Where does your money go?

You could help children like Joy

Girl looking out through window

When we met eight year old Joy she was frightened, abused and neglected. Joy’s parents were not caring for her and she urgently needed help. Joy came to us with special needs in every area of her life - she had no speech and therefore no way of expressing her needs or feelings.

Joy was referred to a Barnardo’s fostering project and has now been living with her foster family for over a year. With people to love and care for her Joy’s life has been transformed.

The process of building up trust is slow, but each day Joy makes more and more progress. She has started to smile, take her foster mother’s hand when she feels afraid and even give hugs and kisses. Joy’s incredible progress means she can look forward to a truly happier future.

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Out of every £1 you raise 95p goes directly to helping disadvantaged children at our projects (excluding property and retail costs, which are both self-financing).
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could provide emergency food and heating for 4 homeless young people for a whole week.


could buy a day of adventure at the seaside for 100 disabled children and their families.


could cover the weekly cost of running 10 community youth groups for children in deprived areas.


could provide a special climbing frame for children with disabilities to play on and build their agility.