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A brief guide to Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving Logo

What can you do?

When you set up your page you can build it around an event organised by your charity or your own personal challenge, you can also fundraise for a special occasion or in the name of someone special.

You can set up a team fundraising page and fundraise with friends or colleagues, and pay event registration fees for major events through your page.

With Virgin Money Giving you will get a fundraising page for life and can keep the same web address for every event you take part in.

Their Fees

Virgin Money Giving is a not-for-profit organisation and only charge charities the minimum fees needed to cover their running costs. They take 2% of all donations and charge a one-off start up payment of £100 + VAT per charity. Fundraisers and their sponsors don’t pay a penny to use their website.

Here is how a donation of £10 made through Virgin Money Giving is broken down:

Your donation £10.00

+ Gift Aid £2.50

Transaction fee @2% = £0.20

Card processing fee @1.45% = £0.15

Total cost to charity =  £0.35

Total donation £12.15

Visit their website for more information about Virgin Money Giving fees.

Do they Offer anything else?

Virgin Money Giving has a great range of Fundraising Tips including Online Fundraising Tips and Help Guides to make setting up a great fundraising page as easy as possible.

How do you get started?

Visit the Virgin Money Giving home page and click on ‘Create your page’. Once your event is over we will receive the money and get in touch to say thank you!