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Fundraising using Social Media

Man with Laptop

Social Media websites can help you reach a huge audience of potential supporters, and raise a lot of vital cash for our work with vulnerable children!

It’s an incredibly easy way of promoting your event, and by being a bit creative you can give your fundraising total a massive boost.  

Three top tips for Social Media Fundraising

  1. Publish links to your online fundraising page. This is a quick and easy way for people to donate.  
  2. Ask people to donate, but don’t be pushy. Ask occasionally and then keep people interested by posting regular status updates that thank donors and mention your fundraising target, training or milestones.  
  3. Think outside the box – do something unusual to catch people’s attention and keep your updates fresh and interesting.


Finish Line

Post photos & videos to show people what you’re up to and why!  

Ask your friends to ‘donate’ a status update to you, it will allow you to reach an even wider audience via their friends.  

If you’re using JustGiving add their Facebook App and publish your JustTextGiving code using some of the free promotional tools.

‘Like’ our Barnardo's Facebook page and post details of your event on our wall, some of our fans may want to sponsor you!  

Check out more Facebook Fundraising tips from JustGiving.



Be succinct and clear – 140 characters isn’t a lot so use them wisely, tell people what you’re up to and why they should sponsor you!  Update your feed regularly with bite sized pieces of news.  

Tweet your fundraising page link and ask your followers to retweet so it reaches their followers too.  

When you mention us don’t forget to tag us (@barnardos) so we can see your progress!

Vodafone have even more hints and tips about how to use Twitter to fundraise.

You Tube


Make your video stand out by doing something different & interesting! (But make sure you include what you’re doing and why!)

Keep it short; people will lose interest if you’ve made a feature film.

Post a link to your video on Facebook and Twitter and ask friends to share it or retweet it.

Flickr and Picasa


Using Flickr or Picasa upload photos of any training you’re doing, or any milestones you’ve reached.

If you’re shaving your beard off, take a before and after picture and share it to inspire people to support you!  



Keep updating your Blog regularly with funny stories and significant progress, post links to your fundraising page and any photo’s or videos you’ve created.

Blog posts should be easily digestible during a coffee break so keep yours between 400-1,000 words.

Say 'Thank You'

Say Thank You! No matter which Social Media channel you use don’t forget to say thank you to everyone who sponsored you and let them know your final fundraising total. Not only is it good manners, it will also keep raising awareness of Barnardo's after your event has finished!