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A brief guide to JustTextGiving

What can I do?

Just Text Giving Logo

JustTextGiving allows anyone in the UK to sponsor you anytime, anywhere.  When you create a JustGiving fundraising page, a JustTextGiving code is generated for you. You can promote this code wherever you like, such as on a T-shirt, poster or business card, as well as online.  People donate by texting the number you specify with a special code plus the amount they want to donate.

Do they offer anything else?

The JustTextGiving website has an excellent free pack of helpful resources that will help you promote your unique code online or out in your community.

Their Fees

Text messages from donors are free to send on all networks and their free allowance/bundle won’t be deducted.  The amount they choose to donate will be charged to their phone bill as usual (or deducted from their pay as you go credit). Charities are not charged for the service and receive 100% of donations.

How do you get started?

You get a JustTextGiving code automatically as part of setting up a JustGiving page. Once you have set up a page open it up within your account and scroll to the bottom to see your code, you have the option to change it to something more memorable if you like. Once your event is over we will receive the money and get in touch to say thank you!