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A brief guide to JustGiving

JustGiving Logo

It’s very quick and easy to set up a JustGiving page. You personalise it with details of your event including photos and your fundraising target, then share your page with friends and watch the money roll in!  

What can I do?

You can create a page for your own event, or an event organised by Barnardo’s. You can also create a page to celebrate an occasion or remember someone. There is the option to create a page just for yourself, or a whole team of people fundraising together. They have an App for Facebook, and one for the Iphone.

Do they offer anything else?

JustTextGiving allows people to donate to your page via text message for no charge to them or us. To help you smash your fundraising target they have put together some really useful Online Fundraising Tips. They also feature examples of innovative or unusual fundraising ideas that other users have had success with to inspire you, plus they have a blog!

Their Fees

It’s free to fundraise for, or donate to, a charity through JustGiving. JustGiving charge charities £15 per month, plus a 5% fee on each donation (including Gift Aid) made through their site.

Here’s a breakdown of JustGiving fees for a £10 donation:

You donate £10

+ Gift Aid £2.50

JustGiving 5% fee = £0.63

Credit card fee* @ 1.3% = £0.13

Total cost to your charity = £0.76

Barnardo’s gets £11.74

*Debit card fee (17p) *PayPal fee(1.45%)

How do you get started?

Just visit the Just Giving website and click on ‘Make your Page’. Once your event is over we will receive the money and get in touch to say thank you!