Could you spare one birthday in support of vulnerable children?

Barnardo’s has been working with children disadvantaged by a wide range of issues including poverty, disability and abuse for a century and a half. We believe that with your support, we can give vulnerable children a fair chance at life.

Pledge your birthday today and with your help, we’ll always be here for the children and families who need us.

Pledge your birthday

Your birthday could do amazing things

  • Help a mother fleeing domestic abuse to find somewhere safe to live with her children.

  • Provide food parcels for children leaving care who are skipping meals in order to pay bills.

  • Get a homeless child at risk of sexual exploitation off the streets and into safe accommodation.

Pledge your birthday

How to make your next birthday life-changing

By asking for donations to Barnardo's instead of gifts, you can help fund our project workers to reach out and offer life-changing support to disadvantaged children and families.

  • Step 1

    Pledge your birthday today and tell the world you’re supporting the UK’s most vulnerable children.

  • Step 2

    Share your JustGiving page with friends and family and ask for donations to Barnardo's instead of gifts.

  • Step 3

    Help us give life-changing support to disadvantaged children and families with no-one else to turn to.

Pledge your birthday

The money you raise will change lives

  • “The children that Barnardo's help need money more than I need presents.”

    Isla, who raised £345 from donating her 6th Birthday

  • Katie

    “It’s hard to describe how much Barnardo’s has transformed our lives”

    Emily, a new mum supported by project workers at a Barnardo's Children's Centre.

Pledge your birthday

Please help us be there

The effects of a childhood in poverty can last a lifetime, but with your help we can give disadvantaged children hope for the future.

Please give them your support and pledge your birthday today.