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Corporate Team Building

Store Wars

We know that teamwork is key to good business. That's why we put together a selection of corporate challenges that can only be successfully achieved by working together. Our original team building events build employee confidence, enhance team-working skills and develop sales and marketing abilities. Not only that, but at the end of the day your team can rest assured that their hard work has helped us to continue caring for the UK's most vulnerable children. Here are the opportunities available:

Store Wars

Teams of six to ten people take over one of our high street charity shops for the day, competing against each other to see which team can raise the most money through innovative promotion and sales techniques. It’s a great way to create team spirit or develop skills such as dealing with the general public or customer liaison. A management fee applies to this activity.

"I’ve seen the motivation it gives someone to go out and do a day like Store Wars. From an employee perspective, it helps staff feel proud of their company. " Amanda Timothy, John Lewis Brent Cross

Find out more about Store Wars here

Apprentice Challenge

The Apprentice Challenge tests the brains of your hungriest hopefuls, as teams are asked to design, manage and deliver a commercial venture. Their goal is to turn £100 of working capital into as much money as possible over a one-month period (or one week or six months – whatever time slot suits.) It’s fun, creative and very competitive!

Go Get It for Barnardo’s

If you’re adept at sniffing out a bargain, this activity will be right up your street. Working in teams and linking up with a specific Barnardo’s project, employees are challenged to use their communication skills to persuade companies, contacts, retailers and suppliers to donate a given list of items which the project can use in its direct work with children, or which can be sold or auctioned at a Barnardo’s event.

If you would like to get your colleagues involved in a Team Building Challenge our Corporate Partnerships team would love to hear from you - Get in touch here.

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