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Corporate Fundraising

The Barnardo's corporate team are dedicated to delivering the best fundraising events possible and will support you every step of the way. Below are a few of our favourite ideas for you to choose from. If you don't feel that any of these are quite right for you, then we will be more than happy to develop a bespoke corporate fundraising event with you. Please get in touch to find out more!

Go Green Day

Go Green Day

Why not make one day at work a ‘green’ day (green is Barnardo's corporate colour)? Staff can be asked to pay for the privilege of dressing up (or dressing down) in green clothes, or even having a green-iced cake sale. This is a simple and popular way to launch a Partnership with Barnardo’s.

Bring and Buy

You and your team could organise a bring-and-buy sale at work. Ask your colleagues to bring in good-quality items, set up a stand on a specific day and sell the donated goods to everyone in the office. It’s a bit like creating your own mini Barnardo’s charity shop in the office for the day.


You decide the event, you decide the donation for each place in the sweepstake, and you decide the proportion of the income which goes to Barnardo’s (we recommend that you put 50% into the prize fund and donate 50% to Barnardo’s). The Grand National, Football or Rugby World Cup, Wimbledon, the Ryder Cup – the opportunities are endless!


We run a range of bike-based challenge events across the UK and overseas, so why not put those leg muscles into action and raise money through personal or team sponsorship? We have worked closely with many of our partners to deliver tailored cycle routes that connect up their company locations with our local services, and we would love to do the same for you!

Swag It

A suggested minimum of 25 people are invited to bring three items of unwanted clothing or accessories to a party, where they select three items to take away. It’s like a large-scale swop party. An entry ticket of (eg) £5 raises income for Barnardo’s, but everyone comes away with some great new items for their wardrobe.

One Thousand Challenge

In 2010, disabled athlete Chris Moon ran 1,000 miles across the UK in one month (that’s roughly 36 miles a day) in aid of Barnardo’s. We don’t expect you to follow exactly in his footsteps but you could take on a ‘1,000 challenge’ of your own, such as cycling on a fixed bike for 1,000 minutes, putting 1,000 coins in a line or swimming 1,000 lengths as a team relay.

Christmas Activities

Christmas is a great time to raise funds for Barnardo’s and there are various ways to engage staff:

McCarthy & Stone Christmas Party
  • Christmas menu: a series of fun activities for the workplace, with promotional materials provided by Barnardo’s. Try your hand at Name the Bear, Spot the Snowball, organising a Christmas Quiz or arranging a Mince Pie Monday.
  • Christmas cards: encourage employees to buy Barnardo’s Christmas cards from our online retail site.
  • Giant Christmas card: create and display an oversize card and charge employees to write Christmas greetings to colleagues.
  • Giving Tree: tags in the shape of Christmas baubles are placed on a Christmas tree. Each bauble represents an item that Barnardo’s might use in one of its projects – a £10 kettle for a single mum, £20 for blankets etc. Employees replace the baubles with donations or vouchers.

New Year, New You

New Year resolutions are bound to include ‘getting fit’ and we have a host of activities which will help your staff achieve this, whilst raising money for Barnardo’s at the same time. Run, cycle, hike, walk, row, climb – the choice is yours to make.

If you would like to get your company involved in supporting Barnardo's our Corporate Partnerships team would love to hear from you - Get in touch here.

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