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Raising your company profile

A true corporate partnership creates openings for each party to build joint business opportunities. Through the opportunities listed below, a partnership with Barnardo's does just that.

Brand association

Brand Association

When you partner with Barnardo’s, you are linking with one of the UK’s best-known, nationally-recognised charity brands.

In the UK, if you ask anyone in the street to name a children’s charity, 21% will say Barnardo's. If you ask anyone in the street if they have heard of Barnardo’s, over nine out of 10 respondents (93%) will say ‘Yes’.

We understand what makes a powerful brand, and we know how to match our brand values with yours.

Cause-related marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Cause-related marketing (CRM) is a commercial activity where your business and Barnardo’s form a partnership to market an image, product or service for mutual benefit. It is a simple and effective way of differentiating your product, and of increasing sales and customer loyalty.

It can promote positive PR coverage and provide that increasingly important link for ethical consumers to align themselves with a charitable cause. By linking with Barnardo's, companies can attach their product to a powerful brand that not only creates a point of interest, but which can open up new markets and attract new customers.

PR opportunities

PR Opportunities

Involvement with a charity can create some great PR and marketing opportunities. Every time your employees take part in fundraising activities, there is a story to be told.

We can assist in the promotion of the Partnership through our network of nine regional Media and Communication Managers, based in our London Headquarters and regional offices.

As a prominent national charity, we have excellent links to local and national television and radio stations, together with national and regional press.

Social media expertise


As a charity with a long history and rich heritage, we know the importance of evolving over time. That’s why we’ve established ourselves at the forefront of social media campaigning.

Our growing Facebook community is now over 60,000 strong, whilst Barnardo’s Twitter account has over 150,000 active followers.

We have an extensive social media reach, with passionate and engaged supporters who share our values. This makes Barnardo’s an effective choice when it comes to raising your online profile, or adding a social media marketing element to an existing campaign.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities


By sponsoring a Barnardo’s fundraising event, you can show your existing customers and clients - and the wider UK public - your company’s dedication to helping disadvantaged children and young people. We have high-profile corporate sponsorship opportunities to offer your business throughout the year, including our annual Gala Dinners, sports events, concerts, and our spectacular London Christmas Carol Concert.

Your sponsorship will be promoted across our social media network and website, linking your brand to Barnardo’s as a well-known and trusted charity. Your employees will be able to engage with Barnardo’s supporter base to raise vital funds for children and young people most in need in the UK.

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