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How we would support a partnership with your company

When your company enters into a partnership with Barnardo's, we make sure that we support you at every level to deliver the best results possible. Here's how:

Dedicated Account Manager

Partnership Support

We will allocate a dedicated Account Manager who will ensure that your company and employees will get the most out of the relationship.

No two partnerships are alike - we treat each company as unique, developing a programme of activity which works for both parties.

We draw up a Partnership and Communications Plan to set mutually-agreed targets, with regular liaison meetings to make sure that the timetable is on course and to evidence your much-valued support.

National Footprint

National Footprint

One of Barnardo’s great strengths is that we have services, offices and shops in every region of the UK. This means that wherever you are, there’s a chance to get involved with Barnardo’s at a nearby location.

We run more than 960 projects across the UK and have a network of more than 640 shops. Every year we continue to extend our reach into new areas of the UK.

Even if your business operations extend right across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, your employees can target their fundraising and volunteering efforts locally, building and reinforcing links with their local community.

Contact us

Email: Corporate Partnerships

Or call 0208 550 8822 and ask for the Corporate Partnerships Team