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Our campaign to protect care leavers from 'sqaulid' B&Bs

We are teaming up with the British public to demand better conditions for vulnerable young people leaving care, after an undercover investigation revealed squalid conditions in the B&Bs some children are being sent to by their local authority.


Barnardo’s is demanding that councils in England stop using B&Bs to house care leavers, except in emergencies.

To spread the message, we have launched a spoof website called ‘Carebandb’

to highlight the terrifying conditions some children are forced to live in. We are asking people to lobby their local councillors to provide more suitable accommodation for these young people, by adding their voice to a campaign to their authority.

Carebandb looks like a glossy website for tourists booking desirable and comfortable B&B accommodation. However, visitors soon see examples of the disgusting places some children leaving care are placed in. The online brochure is built on the actual experiences of care leavers, advertising a selection of cheekily-named B&B’s including ‘The Grim Retreat’ and ‘Mournful Inn’.

Care Leaver

51 per cent of local authorities are placing vulnerable care leavers in unsuitable B&Bs for long periods of time. The practice of placing them in unsafe and threatening accommodation like this is against government guidelines. Barnardo’s CEO Javed Khan said: “It is unacceptable that over half of local authorities are not following government’s existing guidance on appropriate accommodation for care leavers… The site is a tongue-in-cheek way of getting across a serious message about care leavers forced to live in cold, stark accommodation.

“Many young people leaving care have already had horrific childhoods. We owe them a better start to adult life than this.”

18yr old Jack had no option but to stay in B&B accommodation when he left care at the age of 16. He stayed there for over three months. Jack said; “I was constantly scared and worried about what could happen to me. The B&B was above a pub so I’d have to endure extreme noise levels and drunk people banging on my door very late at night. There was no heating in the room and the TV wouldn’t work, so I quickly became very depressed and lonely. On more than one occasion I contemplated suicide.

“Barnardo’s offered me support in the form of a mentor who was always there to chat and offer advice when I needed it most. The charity also helped me find the bed-sit that I currently live in and I’m very settled there.”

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