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Initiatives that make a difference

Five top charity corporate cause related marketing campaigns

When businesses and charities come together to market a product, the benefits can be mutual. Research shows that 91% of people worldwide would switch brands to one associated with a good cause. We profile five cause-related marketing campaign successes and look at what Barnardo’s is doing in this area.


1. Age UK and Innocent

For the last decade, Age UK groups around the country have knitted little woollen hats for Innocent smoothie bottles. For every ‘behatted’ smoothie that’s sold, Innocent donates 25p to Age UK. As well as raising over £1.75 million, ‘The Big Knit’ tackles social isolation amongst older people.

2. Make-A-Wish Foundation and Fairy

Every Christmas for the last 10 years, Fairy has used specially branded bottles and packs to promote their campaign with Make-A-Wish. Last year, actor Sean Bean featured in a TV advert for the campaign where he made a nine-year-old boy’s wish come true by starring in his film for a day. So, the £1 million campaign highlights the Make-A-Wish cause for the charity and increases brand recognition for Fairy too.


3. UNICEF and Pampers

Between October and December for the last eight years, Pampers have donated the cost of one tetanus vaccine to UNICEF for every branded pack they sell. The nappy company also donates each time someone watches a campaign video on their YouTube channel. Together, they’ve provided 300 million vaccines around the world.

4. Help for Heroes and Noble Foods

In just four years, Noble Foods have raised £880,000 for Help for Heroes by donating 15p for every pack of branded free range eggs they sell. The UK’s biggest supplier of egg products devised the Eggs for Soldiers brand for the partnership and the pack is designed in a khaki military style.


5. Carluccio's and Action for Hunger

Since 2007, Carluccio’s has raised more than £1 million for Action for Hunger by donating 50p from their Penne Giardiniera pasta dish. The partnership is based on the connection between the privilege of eating at leisure and helping people who are living in poverty and are hungry.

Three Barnardo’s summer cause-related marketing campaigns

As the UK’s largest children’s charity, 93% of people recognise our brand. Most of our supporters are between 35 and 55 and partnering with us could help your company reach them. This summer Barnardo’s is launching three cause-related marketing campaigns which you can support.

1. ‘Boomajump’ with Wicked Vision

Buy an outdoor boomerang from toy company Wicked Vision and they’ll donate £1 to Barnardo’s. We’re encouraging people to share their ‘boomajumping’ photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the tag #BoomajumpforBarnardos.

2. ‘Happy summer dayz’ with Mondelez

You could win a day out for you, and another for the children we support, if you buy a product from Mondelez, who own Cadbury, this summer.

3. Living Social

For a few weeks in July, online voucher company Living Social will donate £1 to Barnardo’s if you purchase special deals.

Do get in touch if you have a great idea for a cause-related marketing campaign with Barnardo’s.

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