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Gifts in Kind change lives


Gifts in Kind from a generous partner are making a profound difference to the daily lives of some of our children and young people.

Leading white goods manufacturer Beko, which began partnering with Barnardo’s in 2013, has donated more than 120 brand-new appliances including washing machines and fridges.

Our expert project staff understand the needs of the vulnerable people they work with, and are directing the items to children and their families who may not otherwise be able to afford them. In addition, Beko is delivering and fitting them.

This kind gesture of gifts in kind has so far been worth more than £35,000.

It has markedly improved the lives of Barnardo’s service users like Lucy, 18. She is being supported in learning to live independently at one of our projects in Leicestershire for children at risk of homelessness. Other recipients include the families of the children we help who are struggling with poverty.

Lucy said: “It was like Christmas Day when I got my new washing machine and fridge freezer delivered. I can store more and cook big meals and freeze them for the rest of the week, saving me money and meaning I don’t waste food.”

Forbes Mutch, Barnardo’s Head of Partnership Development, said: “This really meets a need. Some of these families can’t afford to buy a washing machine, for example. If we have got a family like that, in poverty, with two or three children and they get a washing machine it just makes a huge difference.

“We are hugely grateful to Beko for this incredible support. We are really looking forward to continuing to further develop this partnership, and we are planning some exciting cause-related campaigns which will be coming soon.”

So far, Beko, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, has raised more than £50,000 for Barnardo’s work with the most vulnerable children in the UK (including gifts in kind). As well as holding staff fundraising events, several staff will be taking part in our London to Paris Sponsored Bike Ride in July.

Linda, supported by the Barnardo’s CareFree Young Carers Service, was given a washing machine. She said: “We couldn’t manage without the new machine… It’s helped us financially too, we’re saving money every week as we were renting our old machine and couldn’t afford to buy it outright. Thank you.”

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