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Initiatives that make a difference

Charity Bike Build provides new bikes for Barnardo’s children


Nearly 70 new bikes have been given to children supported by Barnardo’s in just five months thanks to a heart-warming new partnership.

In January this year, Barnardo’s teamed up with Charity Bike Build, the provider of unique team-building activities for businesses looking to challenge staff while supporting good causes.

Talented staff from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Cisco have already made dozens of bikes worth up to £200 each for Barnardo’s, which are being given out to children being supported through a range of challenges, from caring for a sick or ill loved one to abuse and neglect.

Charity Bike Build travels to the businesses who want to hold a team-building event with all the tools and kit needed to assemble high-quality, new Raleigh bikes. The bikes are put together step by step with constant support and supervision, and go through a series of stringent safety checks before being given to Barnardo’s.

CEO of Charity Bike Build, Peter Lindsay, said: “It’s a real pleasure to be able to support Barnardo’s in this way. We know the teams of staff we work with have a fantastic day, learn a lot of new skills and are so glad to be supporting charities like Barnardo’s and their work with these vulnerable UK children.

“We have a few organisations that corporates can choose to donate their bikes to, and I chose Barnardo’s as one of them because when I was a child our school supported them a lot, and so it’s just really close to my heart and part of my roots growing up in East London.”


The bikes given to our young people so far have made lots of children smile, particularly a young boy who suffers from bullying at school and had his own bike stolen recently. We were able to get him one of Charity Bike Build’s fantastic products to replace his old bike.

Joanna Bronziet, Partnership Development Executive at Barnardo’s, said: “We are just delighted to be supported by Charity Bike Build. It has enabled us to give bikes to children and young people at several of our services including Caerphilly Young Carers, Redbridge Care Leavers, Luton Leaving Care and The Hub Construction Skills Centre in Stepney.

“It’s just incredible seeing the look on the children’s faces when they get given these new bikes. Some of them are going through such difficult times, and I know how much this means to them. We look forward to continuing this fantastic relationship with Charity Bike Build through 2015.”

To speak to our Corporate Partnerships Team about ways your business could partner with us, please call 0208 498 7478.

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