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A successful start for our new CEO

Javed Khan

The new Barnardo’s CEO, Javed Khan, has got off to a great start in his high-profile role fronting the UK’s largest children’s charity.

Mr Khan was previously the CEO of Victim Support, and has a long and rich career in public and voluntary sectors on his CV. He started in May, and got straight to visiting some of our 900 services up-and-down the country. He met some of the inspiring children we work with, and our expert staff and volunteers who are there for them to turn to, day-in, day-out.

Speaking about the visits, Mr Khan said: “Experiences like these inspire me to do the very best job I can for vulnerable children, because I know how much of a difference our work makes to them.

“Our child support teams never walk away. They never give up. They are always there, providing someone for disadvantaged children to turn to.”

The ambitious and driven family man is particularly passionate about social media, embracing this form of communication to keep the public in the know about what is happening at Barnardo’s. He regularly posts updates about the complex modern issues we work with on his Twitter account, and in blog posts for the Huffington Post.

Other highlights of his first few months include launching our campaign to support children affected by parental imprisonment Westminster with Cherie Booth QC. He presented the call to the Government, demanding that the authorities to properly recognise these children and young people and provide them with the specialist support they so desperately need.

Mr Khan is currently supporting our new campaign to the public to ‘Support the Unsupported’, which includes ‘The Nation’s Fridge Door’ campaign, encouraging people to turn the support they give their children to support for those who have no one.

Mr Khan has recently spoken out following the shocking news of the abuse scandal in Rotherham. Expressing his outrage in an official public statement, he said: “Let me make one thing clear; there is absolutely no excuse for the systemic failings we have seen in Rotherham.

“Nothing: not cultural sensitivities, not narrow professional or organisational self-interest, should trump the needs of a vulnerable child.”

Barnardo’s works with around 2,000 sexually exploited children each year, and has been supporting children suffering as a result of this horrendous crime for more than two decades. Our unrivalled expertise has also recently seen us appointed by the Home Office as part of a group of expert organisations to help children who are victims of child trafficking.

Mr Khan said: “The world has changed dramatically since Dr Thomas Barnardo set up his first school in east London in 1867. But I’m so glad we are still standing by his ethos, that no child should be turned away, and helping young people who are facing a huge range of modern-day issues.”

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