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What we want to change

Our goal is for more children, whatever their background, behaviour or situation to live lives free from sexual exploitation. We will campaign until we achieve this.

Keeping government on track

Government has made a commitment to tackle child sexual exploitation. It is vital we make sure they deliver on the raft of policies they have developed and hold them to account if they don’t.

Improving the experiences that victims of sexual exploitation have in court

Children using our specialist child sexual exploitation services tell us that their experiences in court can be almost as horrific as the abuse they have suffered. This has to change.

We will continue to push for a criminal justice system that treats these young victims as children. We want their route to justice to support their recovery and to give these children the opportunity of a better life.

Making sure no child is missed

Children from all backgrounds can be affected by sexual exploitation. It can happen to boys as well as girls and can occur in many different ways. This can make identifying these children difficult and means their abuse can go undetected.  

We must make sure that the agencies responsible for protecting children know how to recognise all sexually exploited children whatever their background, behaviour or situation.

Make these changes happen

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