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What we’ve achieved

In 2010 we launched our Cut Them Free campaign. We wanted to increase awareness about child sexual exploitation and ensure it became a government priority.

Our campaigners made sure we achieved this.

Important national policy change

  • We pushed for a National Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan and the Department for Education produced it in 2012. This set out how the public, professionals, councils and other agencies work to identify child sexual exploitation and provide the right support
  • We became a key voice in the new National Group on Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People. Set up by the Home Office and Ministry of Justice earlier this year, it was designed to make sure government delivered a coordinated approach to tackling sexual exploitation

A policing priority

We secured a commitment by more than half of all Police and Crime Commissioners to make child sexual exploitation a priority in their local area

Our 2013 Remember They Are Children Campaign changed the way the criminal justice system treats young victims of sexual exploitation.

  • We made sure that the guidelines that support judges when they sentence offenders in sexual offence cases made it impossible for judges to think any children could consent to being sexually exploited
  • We saw the Crown Prosecution Service produce new guidelines that make sure young victims of sexual exploitation and abuse are believed and the myths associated with these children are challenged
  • We secured an invitation to participate in the development of training materials for specialist judges (selected to sit on child sexual exploitation cases), prosecutors and defence barristers to make sure they improve the way they treat young victims of sexual exploitation in court

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