Futures Project

In their words

From young people

After just over one year of living in supported lodgings, I felt I was ready to live independently. It was very hard at first, and to be able to keep on top of bills and things I had to sacrifice a lot of things I like to do. I don’t think I would be where I am now if it wasn’t for the help of Futures.

It breaks down the sudden leap that you would be making if you went straight from care to living on your own.

I didn’t think I needed help at first, but I did. I am still learning. It is very hard living by yourself, you don’t realise how many things you have to sort out.

There’s always someone there to talk to who is independent. They can take you away from what’s going on around you, even if it's only for a few hours.

From volunteers

I didn’t think I had enough experience to be a Night stop host , but the staff at Barnardo’s have helped me to recognise the skills and abilities I already have.

Supporting Barnardo’s has made me realise I want to work full time with young people.

Most people who know I volunteer in this way think I must be mad, but I’ve never had any bad experiences. You find that the young people are so grateful just to have a place to stay.

That’s the real perk of what I do, seeing that I may have made some small difference.

From professionals

It’s a useful starting point for young people who leave children’s homes with little or no work done with them.

One of my clients became part of the extended family, and he could visit for coffee etc when he left.