Futures Project

How we can help

If you are interested in any of the accomodation listed below, please speak to your social worker, personal advisor, housing support worker or contact us directly.

Supported lodgings

If you are getting ready to leave care or other accommodation but don’t feel you want to live independently just yet, supported lodgings may be for you. Supported lodgings provide:

  • a stepping stone to independence
  • a safe place to live
  • a chance to try out your cooking, cleaning, budgeting and shopping skills
  • a home environment provided by somebody who has a genuine interest in your future

If you are homeless and need somewhere to stay

If you are homeless and need somewhere to stay short term, you may be able to use the Nightstop service.

Nightstop is a safe place to stay to get your head together, and start to work out your longer-term housing. You will stay with one of our Nightstop hosts, and will get a meal, your own room, use of washing facilities, and breakfast the next morning.

You need to be referred by another agency (we don’t accept self-referrals), such as Social Services, housing advice, St. George’s Crypt, or St. Anne’s, or the police. You also need to be aged 16 to 21

If you would like to volunteer or be an accommodation provider

We need volunteers and supported lodgings hosts to be able to provide services for our young people. We have several volunteering positions available:

Nightstop hosts

Hosts provide emergency, overnight accomodation in your own home for young, homeless people.

Supported lodgings providers

Lodging providers undergo tailored training to be able to support a young person with independant living skills. This is also within your own home.

Those who volunteer with us come from all sorts of backgrounds, and with all kinds of experience.

All we ask for is:

  • a commitment to young people
  • an understanding of the issues they face
  • a willingness to work within Barnardo’s values and guidance

As a volunteer we will need to take you through an assessment and checking process. We also provide training, 24-hour support as well as expenses and fees.

We recruit from across a wide area of Yorkshire. We are part of the White Rose Framework which means we can offer accommodation and support to Young People in Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Sheffield, Wakefield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.

If you are interested and want to find out more, please get in contact with us.