Futures Project

Frequently asked questions

I am interested in becoming a Nightstop Host or Supported Lodgings Provider, how do I go about this?

If you contact us, we’ll send you some information. If you decide you're still interested, we will arrange a meeting and go from there.

I will be leaving care, custody or other accommodation in the next few months, and I’m interested in what the service has to offer. What do I need to do?

Talk about your options with your social worker, personal advisor or support worker. Ask them for more information, and if you’re still interested ask them to fill out a referral.

How do you make sure the volunteers and providers who offer accommodation are safe to stay with?

All our volunteers undergo a detailed assessment process, which includes a criminal check (Disclosure and Barring Service) and taking up several references. As well as this, we meet with the volunteer several times to explore in depth why they want to volunteer and what they have to offer.

Finally, all this information is collected together and written up into a report, which is presented to an independent panel, who make the final decision.

If they are successful, they go through an extensive, on-going training program.

Who can be referred to the project?

Supported Lodgings

Any young person aged between 16 to 21 years old (sometimes up to 25 dependent on circumstances) who is considered vulnerable, homeless and care leavers.


Any homeless young person (including care-leavers) aged 16 - 21 years old can be referred to Nightstop. Service in Leeds only.