Barnardo's Child & Family Support Services (Fife)
Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse Service

Types of Support

  • Intensive support for families
    The Service will focus on the support needs of the family as a whole and the recovery of parents/carers.

    This can include sessions with the family as a whole, individual sessions with parents/carers, individual sessions with children, volunteersupport for parents/carers and befriending for children.  Intensity of support can range from daily to weekly visits dependant on each family's circumstances. Workers can also visit at key times such as mornings, mealtimes, evenings etc.
  • Groupwork
    Group work programmes can be tailored for parents/carers and children.

Service Criteria

  • Children aged 0 – 12, living throughout Fife (We will also work with older siblings within the family)
  • Children must be affected  by parental substance misuse
  • Children will demonstrate a range of the following:

    -    Difficulties in school and/or the community
    -    Parents/Carers have recognised problematic substance use (Alcohol/drugs)
    -    Increased needs and risk in relation to child protection
    -    Poor self esteem
    -    At risk of family breakdown

Service Outcomes

  • Reduced impact of parental substance misuse
  • Improved Parental Confidence, Resilience, Health
  • Improved family relationships and communication
  • Increased resilience
  • Improved engagement with universal and specialist services


Referrals must be made by a professional working with the family e.g. Social Worker, Addictions Worker, Teacher, Health Visitor etc.  Referrals from other avenues will not be considered.

Referral forms are to be completed by the referrer and returned to the Service signed by both the referrer and the parent/carer.  Unsigned referrals will not be considered.

The referrer will be advised of the decision after our fortnightly allocation meeting.

Referral forms can be requested by :


Telephone:  01592 651482