Barnardo's Child & Family Support Services (Fife)
Intensive Family Support Service

Who is the Service for?

The Intensive Family Support Service is offered within the Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth areas of Fife.  We work with families with children aged 0-12 years (still attending primary school).

Referrals are prioritised based on the following eligibility criteria.

  • Early intervention work involving families with younger children where specific needs/risk factors indicate the likelihood of escalation towards family breakdown, i.e. children at risk of being accommodated.
  • Children where child protection measures have been initiated, as a result of Cause for Concerns being identified and requiring an integrated assessment and / or agreed support intervention contributing to a multi-agency child’s plan.
  • Children who display significant behavioural problems impacting on their attendance and / or achievement at school: relationships at home and behaviour in the community.
  • Children affected by family crisis caused by family breakdown;  parental substance misuse; parent’s mental health problems or domestic violence.

Types of Support Offered

Intensive support can include sessions with the family as a whole, individual session with parents/carers or children and Group work programmes.

Our Group work support ranges from Mellow programmes (Babies, Toddlers, Bumps), Incredible Years groups and groups for children and young people focusing on resilience, challenging behaviour, confidence, self-esteem & loss.

We also offer Volunteer Support to parents/carers and Befriending for children (as part of the work plan, not on an individual referral basis).

Intensity of support depends on each family’s circumstances, for example we can visit at key times such as mornings, during the day, at mealtimes or in the evenings.  The support is based on need, so the worker can visit from one hour a week to several hours a day.

Average length of support is 6-12 months depending on the need.


Referrals must be made by a professional working with the family e.g. Social Worker, Teacher, Health Visitor etc.  Referrals from other avenues will not be considered.

Referral forms are to be completed by the referrer and returned to the Service signed by both the referrer and the parent/carer.
Unsigned referrals will not be considered.

The referrer will be advised of the decision after our fortnightly allocation meeting.

Referral forms can be requested by:
Telephone:  01592 651482