Barnardo's Child & Family Support Services (Fife)

How we can help

If you live in the Kirkcaldy area, have children under the age of 12 years and are in need of support, you can contact the project to establish whether we can offer any assistance or support.

Many of the referrals to the project are made on behalf of professionals involved with the family e.g. Health Visitor, Teacher, Social Worker, Voluntary Sector Representative.

Families referred to the project need to agree with the referral and be willing to work with the project on the identified issues.

The approach of the project is to:

  • Meet with the family and any other relevant person / professional to discuss the difficulties which exist
  • Agree on a plan of work with the family which will outline the level of support and advice, frequency of contact and types of support
  • Review meetings will be held within 12 week period to discuss progress and the level of ongoing support
  • Complete an evaluation of project services

More details of services available

  • Our flat is fully equipped with a kitchen, play area, bathroom and lounge. We have resources to use across the age range of 0-12 years i.e. play material; computer games.
  • We often see families in the flat and use the facilities available. Also, young people have the opportunity for individual time in the flat to consider issues affecting them. Time is spent using the computer, issue based games etc.