Family Services Dundee

What we do

Girl hugging her knees and crying

At Polepark Family Service we work together to promote children and young people’s safety within families. We focus on the well being of children in families whilst supporting parents and carers to meet their children’s basic needs.

The team can help in many different ways:
Develop with parents and children a safety plan

This can be in relation to children’s needs and parenting capacity. We use the Signs of Safety approach to understand the position of each family member, discover family strengths and resources and scale safety and progress.

Offer individual work with children and young people affected by abuse

This can involve play therapy, individual counselling, keeping safe and issue based work. Children are consulted about the work they will be involved in and each service is tailored to meet the needs of individual children.

Offer group work with children and young people

This can be issue based e.g. children who have been sexually abused, or activity based e.g. developing new resources i.e. CD Rom for child witnesses, animated film about safe touching.

Provide family work

VIG - involves using video to highlight and build on relationships between parents and children. Family therapy meetings are held to help families identify their own strengths and find solutions to difficulties. Keeping safe work helps parents to develop strategies to ensure their children are safe from harm.

Offer consultation & training

The team offer a consultancy role to field social work staff, family centre workers and carers. Team members also facilitate skills sharing/information workshops for a range of agencies.