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In their words

Child's drawing

I think Polepark has helped with my feelings and I think that the people at Polepark are very kind and friendly people you could talk to when you need help. The work I have done at Polepark has really helped me with my feelings.

Talking about the past, especially things I have never really been able to talk about before has helped me. I don’t feel like a freak anymore… I know I am as good as anyone else now.  The counselling has helped me feel more normal and more confident.

My son is able to deal with issues in a much more confident manner and has addressed fears and concerns he had, not only about the abuse, but also the after effects it had in his life.

As a Service User I would like to commend the service, which has been given to my granddaughter and myself over the past year. Since her meetings with workers my grand-daughter has gained confidence and security and a sense of her own value. She has journeyed from self-disgust and immature behaviour, the result of her abuse, to her present increased confidence and more mature attitude. The difference has been notable, especially to me and members of our family. My gratitude to both workers is immense. Their attention and sympathetic response to my concerns and fears over my grand-daughter, not to mention their innate common sense, has been a great support to me.

My daughter and I understand each other better and listen to what each other are saying .We now know that we all each need our space but can also discuss matters as a family. We are all much more caring and loving to each other. I now know that I am a good mum thanks to Polepark’s help.

I used to be shut away, couldn’t go to school and felt sick. My sessions helped me get all the feelings about the sexual abuse that happened to me sorted out. I am back at school now and have friends and a life.I feel happier and… free

My sessions helped me get my very bad memories out and get good ones in.

I couldn’t forget what happened to me, it kept coming in my head, in my bed and in school. At Polepark I drew the face of the man who hit and hurt me in the sand. I bashed and crashed it lots of times, for what he did to me. I know it wasn’t even my fault now and feel loads better. I can’t remember what he looks like any more, I’ve forgotten him. It helped me get on with my work in school because I wasn’t so angry and mad anymore. I get certificates for good work in school now and am back in the football team ‘cause my behaviour’s improved. I’m the best at football