Family Services Dundee

How we can help

Sad girl

Polepark workers help young people, children and families where the children have been hurt or may be at risk of harm by someone in the family or outside it.

We know that children and young people who have experienced abuse and neglect often want support to deal with the impact of that abuse. We also know that children and young people do not always find it easy to talk about their feelings, however we believe that if you can share your feelings with someone you feel safe with, this can help.

If you or your family have been referred to Polepark by a social worker you will be invited to a meeting at the project. At this meeting we will listen to you and discuss ways we can try to help you. In most cases each child or young person gets an individual time (weekly session) with their own worker. The worker will set up one of the rooms with toys, games and activities to help you express your feelings, what is important to you and what you think might help. You can talk or sometimes it is easier to share your feelings by playing, drawing, painting or reading. The work we do with you will be regularly reviewed. You will be invited to your reviews and other important meetings and what is agreed will be written down and shared with you. At all times you will be given the chance to give your views and talk about what is important to you. Everything you talk about to your worker will be respected and in most cases kept private. There are however some things that we cannot keep confidential. These include if you or someone you know is being harmed or is at risk, or if there is an emergency. Your worker will explain this to you.

It is important for you to know:

  • We believe you
  • We are sorry it happened
  • We’re glad you told
  • It’s not your fault
  • We can help

We try to help young people and children who:

  • Need help with their feelings
  • Feel angry, confused, upset
  • Feel unhappy or frightened
  • Need help with their behaviour
  • Need someone to talk to
  • Need someone to listen
  • Need help to keep safe
  • Need help to get on better with people
  • Want help to make decisions
  • Want help to make their wishes known
  • Want to make changes in their life