Family Services Dundee

Frequently asked questions

Child's drawing

Q: Who can refer to Polepark?

A: All referrals come from Dundee City Council or Angus Council Social work Departments

Q:  Do other young people go to Polepark?

A:  Yes, lots of young people and children who have been hurt or had bad experiences come to Polepark.

Q:  How will I get there?

A:  Polepark workers will organise that.

Q:  I live in Angus- will I have to travel to Dundee?

A:  No your worker will arrange something nearer where you live.

Q:  Who will know what happens in my sessions?

A:  You decide with your worker what you want to share with other people. Sometimes children and their families may tell their workers about themselves or others being hurt. If this means they are not safe, their worker will need to tell the Social Work Department.

Workers would always talk to the children and their families first, tell them what will happen and help them through this.

All the workers at Barnardos believe that what children and their families say is very important and they should always be protected from abuse.  

Q: How long will I get help from Polepark?

A: As long as you need it. Meetings are held every 3 months to discuss whether the work is helping and to decide with you if it should continue.

Q: Do I have to pay for the help I get from Polepark?

A: No the service you get from Polepark is free to children and families.