Edinburgh Together

Frequently asked questions

1. Who can make a referral to the community support service?

Referrals are made after a multi-agency Child Planning Meeting (GIRFEC) which is co-ordinated by the named person. In all cases a discussion with the family should take place prior to referral and it should be agreed that the child and family would benefit from additional support, at home and/or the community. Minutes of the meeting should be forwarded to with a request for support. This will then be forwarded to Additional Support Access Point (ASAP) Group for discussion and allocation if appropriate.

2. What happens next?

If it is agreed that the Community Support Service would be the most appropriate resource, we will then meet with the parent and child to discuss what they feel are the main issues that need to be addressed. We will also meet with Additional Support for Learning staff where appropriate to agree an integrated plan with school and home.

3. How often will I receive a service?

This will be agreed with the parent and the referrers and will be based upon the level of need.

4. Who works for the community support service?

The team is made up of teachers, qualified child and family workers, support workers and volunteers (managed by our volunteer co-ordinator). As a result of this multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to offer a range of services - see what we do.

5. What schools do you work with?

We work with Primary and Secondary Schools across Edinburgh.

6. Do you work with nursery aged children?

Children 1st work with children and families who need additional support in the early years however where continued support is required into Primary 1 we will agree the transition of that work to BECSS.

7. Who will know I receive help from the service and who is likely to be involved?

Any referral is made to the service with the families consent. Often families are involved with other support services and we would ask their permission to contact these people if this was relevant to the work we do. The team do work alongside a range of professionals with the aim of providing better services to children and families. Our team is also committed to protecting children, this means that if we have any concerns about a child’s safety/care, we have a responsibility to share this with the local Children and Families Social Work practice Team.