Edinburgh Together

Edinburgh Community Support Services case studies

These are sample case studies, giving practical examples of the varied work we do. Please note pseudonyms have been used to preserve confidentiality.

From nursery to primary school

In March of 2000, the school identified that of the 23 children in the nursery class due to go into Primary 1 after the school holidays, 16 were assessed as having some level of behavioural difficulty and would have problems managing the transition to primary. In addition the school felt that many of the parents were socially isolated and unsupported. Read more about how Edinburgh Community Support Services got involved.

Ben's story

Edinburgh Community Support Services started working with Ben in November 1999. Ben was struggling to manage his behaviour both in school and at home. He was refusing to adhere to school and class rules, and refusing to complete his work. He was also finding himself involved in numerous physical fights in the playground. Read more about how Edinburgh Community Support Services helped Ben.

John's story

John lives at home with his mother, stepfather, sisters aged eight and five and stepsister aged one. He has little contact with his natural father and any contact is inconsistent, as he is constantly let down by him. John fights continually with the older sister, and can be cheeky to his mother, but will respond to his stepfather. He has few friends in the community, and has been involved in fights. Read more about how Edinburgh Community Support Services helped John.

Paul and the befriending service

Paul was referred to the befriending service 2 years ago when he was 13 years old. Paul had been an Edinburgh Community Support Services referral several years before that and was now attending a non-mainstream secondary school. Following a request from his education welfare office, he was allocated a befriender.

In the 2 years that followed, Paul has been placed in foster care, spent time in a young persons unit and been the subject of a child protection enquiry. Throughout all of this he has continued to see his befriender on a weekly basis and she has managed to provide Paul with consistent boundaries. She has also helped Paul look into career options – he is hoping to join the army next year.

Quotes from the children / befriender

I love Saturday. I used to just hang about with my pals doing nothing, but now F comes to take me out every week. We’ve been bowling, ice-skating and done loads of other things… we just have a laugh.

The greatest reward for me is L’s sense of humour. A guaranteed giggle every Saturday afternoon – no amount of money can buy you that.