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How we can help


How we can help young people with learning disabilities

Our admission criteria are that you:

  • have an interest in working in the hospitality industry
  • have an identified learning disability
  • are aged between 16 and 23 years
  • can travel independently to and from work or work toward this goal.

An interested young person can be referred to us by their school, social services, careers service or by themselves.

A work sampling placement can then be arranged within Dr B’s, with a view to the young person making an informed choice regarding taking up a full time training placement.

Benefits to the young person include:

  • gaining experience in a supported but realistic work environment
  • the opportunity to develop new skills and achieve recognised qualifications
  • the opportunity to participate in training within a business
  • gaining skills that enable them to compete for and hold down employment
  • the opportunity to increase independence, self confidence and develop social networks.

Whilst at Dr B’s Kitchen, trainees are paid a training allowance and travel expenses. Meal breaks and uniforms are also provided free of charge.

Employers - how we can help your business

At Dr B’s Kitchen we can offer your business a tailored package of support to ensure a successful placement including:

  • a flexible approach that will meet both your business needs and those of the trainee
  • support for both you and the trainee throughout the training period
  • agreed back up training to address specific identified needs
  • advice and guidance on accessing relevant Government incentives which you may be eligible for if you offer employment to people with learning disabilities.

Employing a person with a disability means your business fully reflects the community, offers personal development opportunity for your existing staff and is an opportunity to raise your company as an exemplar of good practice.