Coventry and Warwickshire CRS

Independent Visiting

Our Independent Visitors Service provides volunteer befrienders called Independent Visitors (IV) who spend a few hours each month befriending a child or young person who is looked after by the local authority and would benefit from the extra support if they would like one.

The Independent Visitor is recruited, trained and supported by Barnardo’s to provide a long-term and supportive relationship to looked after children and young people. The IVs build an enduring and trusting relationship over time with the child or young person they are matched to through their regular monthly visits. The IVs can make a real difference by spending time quality time together, sharing a hobby, sport or interest, such as footie in the park; going on outings e.g. to the cinema, the park or bowling and having fun together!

It is our hope, that once matched, the IV will be able to support their young person until they leave care and beyond if that is the young person’s wish.

I am able to talk to my Independent Visitor about different problems. We also have a laugh together.

This video is written and performed by Nego True and designed by Chapter Ad agency with young people and IVs. We hope you like it - don’t forget to share it with your friends.

If you are working with a child or young person who could benefit from having an IV or are interested in volunteering, please contact the Children’s Rights Service on 02476 372596 (or Freephone 0800 0272118) or email us at coventry& to find out more

If you are a child or young person in care and would like an Independent Visitor, ask your social worker or IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer) who chairs your LAC review meeting.