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Young Wrexham Website

If you are between the age of 11 to 25, and live, work or study in the Wrexham area then the Young Wrexham Website is for you. Click here to visit the Young Wrexham Website.

The Young Wrexham Website is an interactive website, providing information about activities, services and opportunities available in Wrexham. The purpose of the website is to provide young people with important information and advice on issues they may face on a daily basis, as well as ensuring all young people in Wrexham are aware of the Ten Entitlements set out by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The website also includes the 'TRACK' database which is an online database of local projects/ clubs and services in Wrexham. This has been put together as part of the development of 14-19 Learning Pathways.

Young people can access a wide range of advice and information on education, employment, training, relationships, health and wellbeing, housing, law and rights, local information, and money.

The Young Wrexham Website was developed by the Young Wrexham Partnership, with the help of young people in Wrexham. The Young Wrexham Partnership is a local partner in the CLIConline collective, which is operated by ProMo-Cymru.

Young Wrexham also has profiles on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up-to-date with all the local news, events and services in the Wrexham area.