Barnardo's Children's Centres
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What we offer

Our skilled staff, partners and volunteers can help you with:

  • Understanding the needs of your growing baby/child
  • Being a parent and achieving what you want for your family
  • Improving your family’s health and well-being
  • Developing your child’s love of learning

Some of our services:

Antenatal and postnatal care

Mum getting advice

Whether you’re a new mum or dad, or a soon-to-be parent, our antenatal and postnatal sessions provide information, support, friendship and guidance to help you prepare for your new baby or fostered/adopted child.

As you embark on a life-changing transformation into a family, we can help you understand upcoming milestones and provide clarity on government entitlements.

Friendly advice and guidance

reading to boy

Meet other parents with similar aged children at our drop in sessions. Advisers from community services are on hand to help you find the advice that is important to you. These sessions are informal and are a great way for you to find out about entitlements, and lay foundations for family friendships that will last as your children move on to pre-schools and school.


man feeding baby

If you would like practical advice on day-to-day parenting, whether you have questions about feeding and nutrition, sensory play, health and wellbeing, bed-time routines or even nappy changing, our helpful staff as well as other parent visitors are always happy to try to answer your questions.

We are here to help before and after baby is born.

Support networks

mum changing baby

If you have concerns about breastfeeding or your child's development, our children's centres will help you get the support you need. Whether this is talking to a dedicated support worker/health professional, or by simply just giving you the opportunity to meet other parents to share parenting experiences, the choice is yours.


girl feeding baby

When you’re at home or work, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your little one, household chores or emails are often hard to ignore.

By joining one of our parent and baby groups, you get a much needed break away from day-to-day tasks to spend time with your baby and make them your only focus, surrounded by other parents doing the same thing.

Sensory Play

girl surrounded by toys

Many of our children's centres have toys and sessions which have been created to encourage motor skills and early development through play.

Stimulate your young child’s senses; touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, with a range of a safe and fun environment

Specialist and partner services in children’s centres

We work with wider teams and professionals to offer you:

  • Health visitor sessions for family first aid and baby massage
  • Financial advice to help budgeting and manage debt
  • Nutrition on a budget, creating great family meals that are easy to cook at home
  • Housing advice, especially if you have had difficult family experiences
  • Specialist medical help if your baby has special needs or disabilities
  • Family help if you have experienced domestic abuse, are managing when your partner is in prison,
    or are separated and parenting alone