Barnardo's Children's Centres

Our approach

children playing

Our centres aim to help you feel confident, informed and supported. We provide you with the tools you need to help build your confidence as a parent, and offer ways of doing things that you can try successfully at home, from cooking, to making good use of free and low-cost activities that will help your child to love learning with you.

At Barnardo’s we work with you to support your child’s development. Every Barnardo’s children's centre is different because we aim to deliver what families and local communities want by listening to their needs.

A children’s centre for all

boy and carer

We learn from mums, dads, carers and children every day and pass on this knowledge to other families and centre leaders.

Parents and carers who come to our children’s centres regularly build strong and lasting friendships, gaining support and confidence through each other.

Barnardo’s is there for young, lone and vulnerable parents. We work with families of prisoners and support non-resident parents. We have the skills, sensitivity and experience to help you care for children regardless of your situation.

We place the highest priority on safe practice and share skills with you so that you can feel confident in safeguarding your child when you’re with us and in your own community.